I can now tell you from experience that unpacking is easier than packing.

Packing took me about three months' worth of weekends and was EXHAUSTING. Unpacking? Done in less than two weeks. Okay, so I've got one pesky box that I can't find the right spot for, but my space is livable, and I'm FINALLY back to writing!

A few bits of progress below:

  • TEMPT ME is out in the world! Woot!
  • FRENEMIES is officially on submission. Thoughts and prayers (again), y'all.
  • “Seduce Me,” a short story in my Synergy world, appears in The New Boss anthology, releasing September 19.
  • I've started drafting a new project, “Mary & Franco.” It's the (untitled) next-in-series to 23 AND YOU AND ME (coming from City Owl Fall 2024).
Writing progress for July 2023 on 3 projects: "Mary and Franco," "Frenemies," and "Seduce Me"