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Writing progress, May 20, 2023

I'm feeling...okay about things, folks. Copyedits on TEMPT ME are wrapping up, and I'm excited to dive back into the manuscript. I've already written and posted Jamila and Natalie's bonus epilogue, so that little bundle of extra HEA is ready for her first readers. "Seduce Me," my Synergy short story for The New Boss anthology is proofed and headed off to the anthology publisher. It releases September 18. Don't worry, you'll be hearing A LOT about this one this summer. And FRENEMIES? It's back...

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Book-ban Bullshit

Props to romance author April White for the cool T-shirt!It’s time to get political again, Friend. Look, I’m sorry. I hate it, too. I’d love it if I could just stay home and read and write romance novels in peace. But now they’re coming for us. “Parental rights” sound great. I mean, as a parent, I know my kids best, and I hope I always act in their best interests. But that includes exposing them to different perspectives because that’s what learning is all about. But some folks think just...

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Writing progress, April 16, 2023

Can I see the light at the end of my Revision Hell tunnel? I got TEMPT ME back from my beta readers, and I spent Easter Sunday in a hotel room making the suggested revisions. I need to do one more read-through, and then it'll be ready to send to my brand-new editor. I'm excited, but also a little 😬 Once it comes back from the editor, I'll be ready to put it up for preorder, and that makes me SO EXCITED! My other editor sent back the revisions on "Seduce Me," and it looks like it's pretty...

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