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ISO Book Recs, Reader Poll Results, and Writing Progress

What to read next? Home improvement projects are great…when they’re finished. In the lead-up to replacing the upstairs carpet, I had to move a lot of things, including my paperback TBR. Y’all, it is HUGE. So I resolved to make a dent in it. Here’s a selection (yes, there’s more!). If you have a recommendation for what I should read first, hit reply and tell me (please?) so I’m not overwhelmed by choices. I’ll give you a full report in an upcoming post. Books are Beyond Any Experience by Anne...

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights is LIVE!

I am SO EXCITED, y’all! ♥ GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS IS LIVE ♥ GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS: A Charity Anthology A charity romance & poetry anthology with stories, poetry & prose from over 35 authors. Participating Authors include:  Shannon O’Connor - M Leigh Morhaime - Rose Bak - C.A. King - Lesley Hoover - Ellie Isaacson - Margot Swan - Katherine Moore - Katrina Marie - JJ Grice - Karen Nappa - Michelle MacQueen - Ann Maree Craven - KL Donn -...

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Writing Progress, August 15, 2022

Even I'm impressed with this month's progress! I finished up my Goddess project, which I've officially titled "Three Rules to Becoming a Goddess," and it's my contribution to the Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights anthology that benefits reproductive rights organizations. It's a prequel of sorts to my Frenemy project. And I FINALLY finished the first draft of Frenemy (still a working title). I'm working on revisions now and am currently sitting at 73,000 words. I generally draft lean and...

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