I write contemporary romance novels. So far, I’ve written two novels:

  • Take Me Home:

After her perfect airman husband divorces her and marries her friend, Kirsty Carter’s hopes for happily ever after go up in flames like a cake in her temperamental oven. She wants to be Supermom to her two young daughters, but it’s a struggle when she’s stuck in a city she despises and with a custody agreement that forces her to see her smug ex and his new wife every week. And with her home baking business faltering, Kirsty can’t even afford a decent cup of coffee, let alone wine to take the edge off.

Sapphire-eyed restaurateur Eric Duncan has returned to the hometown he escaped fifteen years ago to open the newest location of his successful chain. When Kirsty meets Eric at an event, she spears his heart—and his foot with her borrowed stiletto heels. Before she knows it, Kirsty’s own heart is fighting with her responsible mind over whether a workaholic who lives out of a suitcase is the best choice for a mother who’s been burned once before by love. And is her heart even hers to give away?

In Dayton, Ohio, a city that’s smaller than it seems, two very different people must find their way past their pasts to find love—and a home—together.

  • Distracted:

Alicia Weber does not cry at work. Even though no one would know if she did since working for a male-dominated software company means the ladies’ room at JFA, Inc., is echoingly empty. She’s tempted today, but when she grits her teeth and emerges, it’s not to the pink slip she expected. Instead, she’s asked to lead a critical project that will end with either professional triumph or the unemployment line. And as her eight-year-old nephew’s guardian, she can’t afford to lose her job.

Jackson Jones spends his time on the Formula One circuit with a trophy girl on his arm—or in his bed—and has lost all interest in JFA, Inc., the firm he founded. But when he walks into the Dayton office and meets Alicia, his passion for work comes racing back. As usual, he acts on impulse, hiding his identity and introducing himself as Jay, the new programmer on the team.

Disruptive “Jay” (Jackson) is Alicia’s worst nightmare. Although he’s playing the part of a developer, he still sees himself as the team’s leader. He questions her value, hijacks her meetings, and tries to seize control of her project. But while Alicia and Jay spar at work, they fight a growing attraction after hours. Alicia finds it hard to keep her distance when Jay helps her nephew cope with his ADHD and grows into the father figure the boy never had.

After Jackson’s identity is revealed at their product release in Las Vegas, Alicia must choose between love and ethics, with both her livelihood and her heart at stake.