I write contemporary romance novels. So far, I’ve written three novels:


Alicia Weber is about to be fired. She’s never fit in as one of the only women at software company JFA, Inc., and rumors of layoffs have been swirling for weeks. But in the mandatory meeting, instead of being shown the door, she’s asked to lead a critical project that will end with either professional triumph or the demise of the office in Dayton. And as her eight-year-old nephew’s guardian, she can’t afford to refuse.

Jackson Jones spends his time on the Formula One circuit with a trophy girl on his arm—or in his bed—and has lost all interest in JFA, Inc., the firm he founded. But when he walks into the Dayton office and meets Alicia, his passion for work comes racing back. As usual, he acts on impulse, hiding his identity and introducing himself as Jay, the new programmer on the team.

Disruptive “Jay” (Jackson) is Alicia’s worst nightmare. Although he’s playing the part of a developer, he still sees himself as the team’s leader. He questions her value, hijacks her meetings, and tries to seize control of her project. But while Alicia and Jay spar at work, they fight a growing attraction after hours. Alicia finds it hard to keep her distance when Jay helps her nephew cope with his ADHD and grows into the father figure the boy never had.

After Jackson’s identity and their affair are revealed at the product release in Las Vegas, Alicia must choose between love and her job, with both her livelihood and her heart at stake.

DISTRACTED, a contemporary romance complete at 78,000 words, will appeal to readers of Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game, Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments, and Christina Lauren’s Beautiful series.

Stars in Her Eyes

“Smart and funny with a hero who is part sex bomb and part nerd? SIGN ME UP! I can’t wait for more from Michelle McCraw!”
—Darynda Jones, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Charley Davidson Series

STARS IN HER EYES is EMMA meets Courtney Milan’s Cyclone series set in high-tech San Francisco with a geeky cinnamon-roll hero.

Having grown up under the influence of fairy tales and romantic novels, executive assistant Marlee Rice is looking for her own happily ever after. Especially now that her stargazing physics teacher dad’s absentmindedness is starting to look like dementia. She thinks she’s found True Love in her software company’s COO and philanthropist, GQ-hot Cooper Fallon, and devises a plan to win him. But Step One, get her sexy on with Cooper at her boss’s wedding, is foiled when Cooper invites his perfectly elegant BFF to be his plus-one.

Marlee tries to salvage her plan by going to the wedding with nerdy-cute programmer Tyler Young. The plan backfires when a staged kiss turns into something more between Marlee and Tyler under the starlight. Back at work, Marlee tries to forget the night she spent with Tyler and initiate Step Two, seduce Cooper while they’re working late, but he shuts her down. And when her father wanders off one night, it’s Tyler, not Cooper, who comes to her rescue and helps her find him.

While Marlee continues to lust after Cooper, Tyler tells her that he deserves more than the crumbs of her affection. But Marlee, holding fast to her envisioned happy ending, lets him walk away. It’s not until her father takes a debilitating fall that she opens her eyes to discover that a real-life hero is better than a fairy-tale prince. But by then, she may have lost her chance at true love.

STARS IN HER EYES is a 74,000-word romantic comedy.

Take Me Home

After her perfect airman husband divorces her and marries her friend, Kirsty Carter’s hopes for happily ever after go up in flames like a cake in her Bewitched-era oven. Now she’s stuck in a city she despises by a custody agreement that forces her to see her smug ex and his new wife every week. And with her home baking business faltering, Kirsty can’t even afford a decent cup of coffee.

Sapphire-eyed restaurateur Eric Duncan has returned to the hometown he escaped fifteen years ago to open the newest location of his successful chain. When Kirsty meets Eric at an event, she spears his foot with her borrowed stiletto heels. Soon his heart is a victim, as well. But Eric has tried to balance his business and home life before, and that ended in his own divorce.

Kirsty may blame Eric’s nomadic lifestyle for her unwillingness to commit to a relationship, but she’s secretly holding a place for her ex in her heart. Only by letting go of her idealized family can she find true happiness.

Complete at 80,000 words, TAKE ME HOME will appeal to readers of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Alice Clayton.