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Get it early: Fashion and Passion, a 40 and Fabulous prequel novella

Blame it on the chardonnay.

Newly divorced, forty-five, and desperate for a reboot, Carly drops the last of her cash on a self-help seminar that promises to empower her to achieve her dreams. Although the seminar turns out to be a bust, Carly finds it wasn’t a complete waste when she walks out with three new besties and a newfound feeling of rebellion.

As they soak away their troubles at the hotel bar, a surprise from Carly’s past walks in. It’s Andrew, a thirtysomething finance nerd with irrepressible dimples, disarming vulnerability, and stormcloud-gray eyes that have worshipped her from afar for years. He makes a shocking proposal – which her new friends urge her to accept.

Can Carly let go her inhibitions to enjoy a no-strings night with a sexy younger man? And if she does, what happens when they return to the real world?

Crush on this FREE spicy age-gap one-night novella featuring new friendships, bubbly barroom banter, and fantasies come true. Pairs well with sparkling wine and a fizzy bath bomb.

Those of you who picked up the Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights anthology will have already read a version of this story. It’s short and can be read in less than an hour.

Get it early: Fashion and Passion, a 40 and Fabulous prequel novella

Carly and Andrew’s story continues…

Fake partnership, real attraction, and one hilariously haute disaster waiting to happen…buckle up for this age-gap rom-com.

Carly Rose, forty-five and fiercely independent, is rebuilding her life. Newly divorced, she's determined to make her stylist business blossom, even with the thorn in her side – Audrey, her frenemy with a tongue sharper than her designer stilettos. Enter Andrew, Audrey's son, a charming blend of geek energy and fierce loyalty. Who happens to be Carly’s completely off-limits secret one-night stand.

When a chance for Andrew's dream promotion hinges on a polished public image, he makes an unexpected proposition: a mutually beneficial charade. Carly, facing the gauntlet of her ex's destination wedding in Barcelona, agrees to become his pretend girlfriend. What starts as a carefully curated act evolves into stolen moments whispered over tapas, kisses in front of Gaudi fountains, and feelings as warm as a cashmere scarf on a crisp autumn day.

Caught between ambition and a forbidden yearning, Carly and Andrew navigate a minefield of sabotaged styling appointments; cringeworthy encounters with exes, bosses and disapproving mothers; plus the undeniable truth that attraction doesn't follow age brackets.

Swoon for this steamy standalone romantic comedy featuring fabulousness after forty, making friends with enemies, and finding love with a wildly inappropriate fake date.

(Shh, don't tell Audrey, but Andrew's dimples are definitely the hottest accessory this season.)

How to buy: Preorder your copy here. Use promo code DIMPLES for 20% off in my store. You’ll get it on February 8 if you order from my store, February 23 (and no promo code) if you order anywhere else. Need a paperback? They’ll be available on launch day!

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