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Writing Progress, March 19, 2023

I officially entered Revision Hell this month with three projects to revise. I'm making progress - yay! - but I have a Big Revision looming, and I'm running out of time to procrastinate. (eep!) First, the good news. I sent "Seduce Me" off to my copyeditor! She's scheduled to start on it this week. I'm feeling good about this one! Then I sent TEMPT ME off to my betas. Is there a better feeling than to give a project to someone else to work on for a while? No, there is not. Which leaves me with...

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It’s Spring and I Have Thoughts

Y’all, I am ready to emerge from hibernation as a skinny bear (which is much less cute than a pre-hibernation Fat Bear). As I write this, it’s sunny outside my kitchen window, I’ve got daffodils peeking up in my garden, and although the temperature may still say it’s winter, the sun is just high enough to make it feel like spring. And that puts me in the mood for spring break! Do you have fun spring break memories? I don’t because my dad was an accountant, and spring is tax season, so we...

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Writing Progress, February 19, 2023

Revising is a slog, y'all. When I can't see the wordcount piling up, when some days I actually cut words, when I look at the same passages over and over again, it feels like I'm going nowhere. But looking back to where I was only a month ago, I can see progress. I finished drafting my short story, tentatively titled "Seduce Me" but still "New Workplace" below. Then I started revising Tempt Me. Not gonna lie, revising NaNoWriMo drafts is...challenging. NaNo is all about getting words on the...

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