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Who’s the real hero – Batman or Alfred?

Today we’re celebrating administrative professionals. I know, Alfred is Bruce Wayne’s butler, not his admin, but do we REALLY think Batman could do all his superhero business without Alfred’s calm, get-shit-done support? Could Iron Man even get his gauntlets off without BOTH JARVIS and Pepper Potts? Doubtful. I’m a little late – Administrative Professionals' Day was April 27 – but EVERY DAY is a good one to recognize those who support us in the workplace. From the receptionist at the front...

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Emerging from hibernation

Happy northern-hemisphere spring! I know it’s a few weeks after the equinox, but here in Ohio, it’s finally starting to look like spring. My crocuses have bloomed, and my daffodils are putting on a show. The temperature is creeping up into a tolerable range for my thin Texas blood. Most days, it’s worth the sniffles from my hay fever! And with COVID numbers declining 🤞I’m heading out to my first-ever author signing! Folks in the Chicago area, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30, at the...

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