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Bookstore Romance Day – August 20, 2022

Hey, everyone! I'm celebrating Bookstore Romance Day with Fables Books in Goshen, Indiana. I'll be there Saturday, August 20, for a panel with the amazing authors Anna Hague and Anne Terpstra starting at 11am. We'll be talking all things ROMANCE. If you can't make it to Indiana, you can join other Bookstore Romance Day events near you or online.

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Trying new things…

Before I get into the meat of this, I'm going to do a shameless plug for reviews. 😉 Have you read Forget Me? If you’ve read my latest, would you mind taking a minute to write a quick review on Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, and/or your favorite book retailer site? Although I love reading long reviews, all it takes is a short one like this: A very brief review from Goodreads See? It takes 5 minutes, and it helps others find books they like to read (or avoid those they won’t). And now for the new...

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Writing progress, July 15, 2022

Getting back in the habit, y'all. For this Capricorn, writing is a task just like any other. And when I break my habit and get too used to drinking americanos while I watch the ocean waves slip by? The struggle is real. But with the help of my fabulous writing buddy, Melanie, I'm back on track, and I have about 55,000 words in my work in progress. That's about 65% of a book! It's going to need TONS of revisions, but at this point, words on the page is my goal. And I'm slowly getting them down!...

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