I'm feeling…okay about things, folks.

Copyedits on TEMPT ME are wrapping up, and I'm excited to dive back into the manuscript. I've already written and posted Jamila and Natalie's bonus epilogue, so that little bundle of extra HEA is ready for her first readers.

“Seduce Me,” my Synergy short story for The New Boss anthology is proofed and headed off to the anthology publisher. It releases September 18. Don't worry, you'll be hearing A LOT about this one this summer.

And FRENEMIES? It's back with my agent, waiting for her feedback. Thoughts and prayers, y'all. They don't help with gun violence, but maybe they'll help with authoring?

One last thing: I know I'm not a screenwriter, but I stand with the writers of WGA. All writers deserve to be paid more for their work.

The author's writing progress on three projects in May 2023