Okay, so after almost two months of “meh” writing sessions, I finally feel like I've gotten it together. I've had three solid writing days in a row, all as a result of committing to shutting off the distractions. (Did I mention that I moved STATES?)

A few bits of progress below:

  • “Seduce Me,” a short story in my Synergy world, appears in The New Boss anthology, releasing September 19 for only 99¢. Make sure you've grabbed a copy!
  • The proposal for my new project, “Mary & Franco,” is with the editor. Will they like it? We'll see!
  • And I've started ANOTHER new project, working title BOOKS AND HOOK(UP)S. It's the sequel to that “Frenemies” project I tracked for a year. Let's hope this one comes together more quickly!
Writing progress for August 2023