There's exciting stuff going on this month! I've always got a lot of projects in the works, but I'm really feeling it now!

  • 23 and You and Me is back! I haven't worked on this manuscript since 2021, and now it's back in my hands from my lovely editor, Tee Tate of City Owl Press. I'll be working on revisions this month.
  • I sent Books & Hookups off to my alpha readers this week. I'm so excited about this surprise-baby-at-40 romcom. I loved writing the (younger, but classic oldest sibling) cinnamon-roll hero in this one!
  • 4 Weddings is revised and ready to go to my editor. I'm holding it in case we change anything major in 23 and You and Me that affects this sequel.

Finally, if you're in the Chicago area, be sure to come by the Chicago Spring Fling reader events April 19-20. I won't be signing at the event, but I'd love to meet up for coffee!

Writing progress April 2024, showing 23 and You and Me, Books and Hookups, and 4 Weddings and a Feud