Guess what? I have a new book, the first in a brand-new series, coming out in February. I can't wait to share it with you all.

This series is a little different from my Synergy series. It’s less workplace focused and features more mature heroines. But it takes place in the same fictional version of the San Francisco tech scene as the Synergy series, so you might see some favorite characters pop in from time to time. And it’s still nerdy, sexy, and funny (God, I hope it’s funny!) so it ought to feel familiar.

Those of you who picked up the Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights anthology will know how it begins. The series follows a group of unlikely friends who meet up at a terrible conference. It explores some things I was feeling at the time, like figuring out the second half of your life and making friends as you get older. Okay, maybe I’m still working through those issues! 😅

How did I come up with the idea for the women’s meet-cute? It burst into my head during a long drive to my local-ish writers’ group. I was listening to a podcast where the host interviewed someone who runs women’s conferences about taking back one’s feminine power and sensuality. Sounds great, right? Well, the message I heard was that the way to take back your power and sensuality is to appeal to Your Man. Which didn’t sit right with me. I mean, you should be able to feel empowered and sensual whether you have a man or not, right? And if you’re into men or not. And monogamy. No one else (I don’t know, except maybe a therapist?) should be involved in finding your personal power.

So I imagined walking out of that conference. And meeting up in the bar with some other women who’d had the same objection I did. And wouldn’t that be a fun basis for friendship? And wouldn’t walking out give someone an extra shot of courage…perhaps to have a one-night stand with someone they shouldn’t?

So, when I got to my meeting, grabbed my notebook, and rage-jotted down those ideas, Frenemies and Lovers, and the 40 and Fabulous series, was born.

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