Before I get into the meat of this, I'm going to do a shameless plug for reviews. 😉

Have you read Forget Me?

If you’ve read my latest, would you mind taking a minute to write a quick review on Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, and/or your favorite book retailer site? Although I love reading long reviews, all it takes is a short one like this:

A very brief review from Goodreads

Cover of Forget Me by Michelle McCraw, a handsome man in a tight black T-shirt

See? It takes 5 minutes, and it helps others find books they like to read (or avoid those they won’t).

And now for the new thing…

Summer Sizzlers

As a new author, I'm still figuring stuff out. That means trying a lot of new things to see what works. The new thing I'm trying has helped me make lots of new friends, too. I've bundled Work with Me into a FREE anthology with other steamy contemporary romance series-starters. You may have already read Work with Me, but there are a TON of other books in here you might enjoy. Hint: Volume 1 includes my friend Carla Luna’s book, Blue Hawaiian, which you should DEFINITELY grab for FREE! Volume 2 contains Work with Me.