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Illustrated cover of Trip Me Up. An orange background with New York landmarks. In the foreground, a short woman walks a tiny black dog and a tall man wearing a plaid shirt carries a satchel.

Trip Me Up

Synergy Book 3

A farmboy and a techie meet up on tour. They couldn’t be more different. But together, they’re hotter than an overclocked computer chip.

Nerdy computer scientist Sam didn’t mean to bring her dog to her mother’s stuffy fundraiser. Okay, she may have needed the excuse to get back to her research, but she doesn’t mean for Bilbo Baggins to escape. And she *really* doesn’t count on a sexy lumberjack rescuing him from a socialite’s stiletto heel.

Flannel-wearing fantasy writer Niall is bewitched. The owner of the dog he’s just rescued has a special kind of magic – ethereal beauty plus a brilliant mind. Niall falls faster than a tree in an enchanted forest, especially after his writer’s block disappears.

Thrown together on a joint book tour, it doesn’t take long for Niall and Sam’s red-hot chemistry to ignite. But Sam has a secret, one that’ll rip apart everything Niall values. One that will chop down their budding relationship and might blue-screen her dreams, too.

Trip Me Up is an opposites-attract, road-trip romantic comedy featuring a geeky heroine, a sexy, farmboy writer, and a limelight-stealing dog. It can be read as a standalone and is the third book in the Synergy series.

Tropes: forced proximity, opposites attract, let’s bang it out, geeky heroine, writer hero, road trip

Tags: male/female, road trip, dyslexia, San Francisco, California, Ohio

CW: parental abandonment

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