Some of you have read Trip Me Up, which is a rom-com about Sam Jones, a computer science grad student who creates an artificial intelligence program that accidentally writes a novel. When the novel unexpectedly becomes a runaway bestseller, Sam’s editor partners her with Niall, an actual novelist, on a book tour, and, of course, shenanigans ensue. (Yes, there’s an adorable dog!) I came up with the idea when I heard about the A.I.-written Harry Potter fanfiction. I imagined what it might be like when artificial intelligence matured – in the distant future – and might write a full-length novel. Distant future? Ha! Five years later, we have ChatGPT, and Sam’s story isn’t so futuristic anymore.

So if you’d like to see what the not-so-distant future might look like, you can pick up Sam and Niall’s story for only 99¢ only during February 2023.

Cover of Trip Me Up by Michelle McCraw, a man wearing a red, white, and black plaid shirt, sleeves rolled up, hands in his pockets, against a yellow-orange background