It's been a long time coming, y'all. 

My brand-new Synergy story, “Seduce Me,” is part of a multiauthor anthology of workplace romances. The New Boss is chock full of steamy office romance. Although the anthology has a very hot guy on the cover and a male boss blurb, “Seduce Me” features a lady boss (natch!). It’s short and sexy and features a slightly older couple – they’re in their early 40s because, frankly, are we not tired of twentysomething finance bro billionaires?

She’s the boss. She’s also hot for her work husband.

As the head of human resources, Ingrid fights for what’s best for the company’s employees. And what’s best for her direct report, Heath, is to keep him at arm’s length and not give in to the feelings he sparked during that magical weekend before he came to work at her company. No matter that everyone calls him her work husband. No matter that she’s been in love with her right-hand man for the past four years.

When Heath’s boss gets sick, he’s only doing what any employee would when he takes her home and tucks her into bed. He can ignore the fact that it’s the same bed where they spent a heavenly weekend. He can ignore his feelings like he’s done for four years. Can’t he?


You’ll swoon for this short, sexy forbidden workplace romance between an icy HR executive and her off-limits work husband. It’s set in the Synergy Workplace Romance universe and can be read as a standalone.

Come for the

  • Boss-employee
  • Second chance romance
  • Hurt-comfort
  • Forbidden attraction
  • Star-crossed lovers

…stay for the

  • Lady boss with an unwavering moral compass
  • OMG so much mutual pining!
Cover of The New Boss, a suit-wearing guy's torso