Write. Create. Love. Chicago Spring Fling April 30, 2022

Happy northern-hemisphere spring!

I know it’s a few weeks after the equinox, but here in Ohio, it’s finally starting to look like spring. My crocuses have bloomed, and my daffodils are putting on a show. The temperature is creeping up into a tolerable range for my thin Texas blood. Most days, it’s worth the sniffles from my hay fever!

And with COVID numbers declining 🤞I’m heading out to my first-ever author signing! Folks in the Chicago area, mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago hotel, from 3-5pm. Entrance is FREE and open to the public. Come by and chat (please?). I’ll be sharing a table with one of my favorite authors, Carla Luna, and we’d love to see you there.

Illustration of a sloth

Confession time

I’m a slow writer. I know there are folks out there who can put out a book every month or two, but that’s not me. I think, even if I didn’t have a day job, I’d still write like a turtle🐢. And, y’all, I’m a reader, too, so I KNOW the frustration of waiting for that next book from my favorite slow🦥 writer.

BUT! Once a month, right here on this blog, I post my progress. So if you’re into that sort of thing, you can follow me here or on Goodreads to get my writing updates. AND if you like teasers, I post a snippet from my work in progress on Instagram every Friday under the #FridayKiss hashtag. Check it out!

Bear, a Bernese Mountain Dog, with her paw on the author's leg

Puppy pic

Here’s Bear saying, “Stop ignoring me, Mom!” She LOVES being the center of attention.