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Writing progress, October 12, 2023

With work travel and writing travel this month, I've had to be kind to myself and set writing expectations low.  "Seduce Me," an exclusive short story in my Synergy world, appears in The New Boss anthology, which released in September and is now available in Kindle Unlimited. Make sure you've grabbed your copy - it's only available through December. I finished the first draft of 4 Weddings and a Feud and started revisions. Books and Hook(Up)s is still on hold, but I hope to get back to it next...

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The New Boss – put it in my veins for 99¢!

It's been a long time coming, y'all.  My brand-new Synergy story, “Seduce Me,” is part of a multiauthor anthology of workplace romances. The New Boss is chock full of steamy office romance. Although the anthology has a very hot guy on the cover and a male boss blurb, “Seduce Me” features a lady boss (natch!). It’s short and sexy and features a slightly older couple – they’re in their early 40s because, frankly, are we not tired of twentysomething finance bro billionaires? She’s the boss. She’s...

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Writing progress, September 10, 2023

Progress has been slow but steady this month... "Seduce Me," a short story in my Synergy world, appears in The New Boss anthology, releasing September 19 for only 99¢. Make sure you've grabbed a copy! City Owl accepted my proposal! What was previously "Mary & Franco" is now "4 Weddings and a Feud" and is halfway drafted! So that means "Books and Hook(Up)s is on hold for now. Stay tuned.

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