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Writing progress, April 14, 2024

There's exciting stuff going on this month! I've always got a lot of projects in the works, but I'm really feeling it now! 23 and You and Me is back! I haven't worked on this manuscript since 2021, and now it's back in my hands from my lovely editor, Tee Tate of City Owl Press. I'll be working on revisions this month. I sent Books & Hookups off to my alpha readers this week. I'm so excited about this surprise-baby-at-40 romcom. I loved writing the (younger, but classic oldest sibling)...

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Frenemies and Lovers is here!

How to buy:  Get your copy from my store. Use promo code DIMPLES for 20% off in my store. The book is delivered immediately by Bookfunnel, just like all my bonus epilogues, and you can read it on your favorite platform. Plus, I get to keep a little more cash from each sale.😁 You can also get a copy from your favorite retailer: Amazon | Apple | Barnes & Noble | Google | Kobo | Everywhere elseIt’s finally HERE! This book has been a LONG time coming! Almost two full years after I started...

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Incoming: New books

I’ve got a brand-new online bookstore, and what better way to test-drive it than to give away a ton of books? That’s right, you can get Fashion and Passion exclusively in my store for free two weeks early! For 2024, the store is where you want to be. You’ll be able to download all my new releases early AND at a discount. Plus, I’ll be tossing in unique series bundles that won’t be available anywhere else. It’s super easy. Just grab it on my store and download through Bookfunnel, and you’ll be...

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