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Illustrated cover of Work with Me. The background is teal with the Austin skyline. In the foreground, a man and a woman stand back to back.

Work with Me

Synergy Book 1

She’s built a firewall around her heart. He’s determined to crack the code.

Alicia’s first gig for her new tech consulting business is a make-or-break opportunity, and she’s determined to make it. But when she strides into the kickoff meeting to show them who’s the (girl) boss, she’s shocked to find the guy she just asked out for coffee in the power seat. Yeah, the one with the sexy scruff, the bottomless brown eyes, and the gentle hands. He turned her down, and now he’s turned up in her meeting. Awkward.

Jackson’s seeing red, and it’s not only Alicia’s stilettos. Now a consultant’s in charge of what used to be his project, pouring salt in the wound of his exile from San Francisco to Austin. How is Jackson supposed to redeem himself? And why is he obsessing over unbuttoning buttoned-up Alicia?

Alicia’s not about to endanger her business by kissing a coworker. Jackson can’t afford another screw-up. They can’t be together, but working together means they can’t be apart.

Work with Me is a steamy, slow-burn, opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring a straitlaced single mom, a tech genius who hides a secret under a playboy exterior, and way too much tequila. Set in up-and-coming Austin, it’s the first book in the Synergy Software series.

Tropes: rivals to lovers, forced proximity, opposites attract, forbidden romance, single parent, playboy, fish out of water/new guy in town

Tags: male/female, workplace, ADHD, Austin, Texas

CW: parental abandonment (off page, in backstory), death of a sibling (off page, in backstory)

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